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  • Publication - Case study

    Data and research as key enablers of city outcomes: A case study of the City of Cape Town (2000-2022)

    Smart cities and evidence-based decision-making have become increasingly popular narratives in the information age, with city councils around the world looking to make use of data and research to improve the delivery of services and make more informed decisions. This case study explores the evolution of using data and research, enabled by technology, to improve outcomes...

    20 Jan 2023 | Carol Wright, Natasha Primo, Victoria Delbridge, Kezia Fortuin

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    The case for clean air in Kigali: An assessment of sources and solutions, economic impacts, and implications for policy

    Only 1% of the population living in urban areas in the low and middle-income countries breathe air that meets WHO air quality guidelines.Rising demand for mobility is a central cause of declining air quality, but encouraging mobility is fundamental for driving social and economic development. Using state-of-the-art air quality monitoring equipment, this policy brief...

    9 Dec 2022 | Egide Kalisa, Andrew Sudmant, Remy Ruberambuga, Yves Ujeneza, Jonathan Bower, Shuyu Li

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Sustainable urbanisation in developing countries: Cities as places to innovate, trade, and work

    As the transition to a net zero global economy takes hold, there will be new opportunities for growth across a wide range of urban industries and services. City governments in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia need to proactively plan how they will leverage this to deliver on local productivity and job creation objectives. The climate crisis urgently calls for a new...

    20 Nov 2022 | Victoria Delbridge, Oliver Harman, Juliana Oliveira-Cunha, Tony Venables

  • Publication - Project Report

    Impact of COVID-19 on fresh produce supply chains: Evidence from Pakistan

    25 Oct 2022 | Ijaz Nabi, Sher Afghan Asad, Omar Gondal, Zoha Awais, Massab Qayum

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Impact of COVID-19 on fresh produce supply chains

    Farming remains the predominant occupation and source of income for 48% of the population of Punjab, Pakistan. Recent studies have provided suggestive evidence on the exploitation of farmers by middlemen through low offer prices and informal loans. Very little research has been done to investigate this influential position occupied by the different tiers of...

    25 Oct 2022 | Ijaz Nabi, Sher Afghan Asad, Omar Gondal, Shirin Naz, Irfan Dogar

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Sustainable urbanisation in developing countries: Cities as places to live

    Climate change has presented cities with new challenges and opportunities for improving their liveability. If well-managed, cities offer both adaptation and mitigation benefits, as well as sustainable development opportunities, that other forms of living cannot. Climate change can no longer be ignored. Estimates suggest that inaction could cost the global economy between...

    21 Oct 2022 | Victoria Delbridge, Oliver Harman, Juliana Oliveira-Cunha, Tony Venables

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Searching for customers, finding pollution

    In developing countries, most manufacturing firms are small and located in high-density urban areas, often near congested streets. To study the determinants and implications of this location choice, we collect a novel firm survey and detailed air pollution measurements within Ugandan cities. We find that firms locate on the busiest roads searching for customer visibility,...

    12 Oct 2022 | Vittorio Bassi, Matthew Kahn, Nancy Lozano Gracia, Tommaso Porzio, Jeanne Sorin

  • Publication - Project Report

    Rebuilding the social compact: Urban service delivery and property taxes in Pakistan

    This impact evaluation investigates whether strengthening the link between local taxation and urban services can revitalise the social compact between citizen and state. A significant challenge to the provision of local public services in developing economies is the inability to raise adequate resources, especially through local taxation. In many countries, the social...

    12 Oct 2022 | Adnan Khan, Asim Khwaja, Benjamin Olken, Mahvish Shaukat

  • Publication - Project Report

    Government demand and domestic firm growth: Evidence from Uganda

    Using detailed administrative data, this paper analyses the relationship between participation in public procurement (selling to government entities) and firm performance in Uganda. We find positive associations with total sales, gross profits, total compensation of employees, number of workers and sales per employee. Overall sales growth associated with selling to...

    12 Oct 2022 | Bernard Hoekman, Marco Sanfilippo, Filippo Santi, Rohit Ticku

  • Publication - Project Report

    Constraints to female entrepreneurship in Pakistan

    3 Oct 2022 | Giovanna D'Adda, Mahreen Mahmud, Farah Said, Diego Ubfal