Mar Reguant

Mar Reguant is Associate Professor at Northwestern University. Her research deals with the economics of energy, with an emphasis on electricity and the pollution associated with electricity generation.

Content by Mar Reguant
  • Multimedia Item - Video

    Growth reset: Renewing focus on sustainability in developing countries

    Video recording of our Growth reset event on 28 April 2021.

    5 May 2021

  • Publication - Evidence Paper

    IGC evidence paper - Energy and environment

    This paper reviews the literature on three main questions related to energy and environment and outlines the areas with greatest potential for research progress in the next five years: How will the last billion people get access to energy, and what benefits will it bring for their welfare and livelihoods? How can environmental regulation check the local harms from...

    1 Mar 2021 | Michael Greenstone, Mar Reguant, Nicholas Ryan, Tim Dobermann

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Low oil prices during COVID-19 and the case for removing fuel subsidies

    Global oil prices have decreased due to a fall in demand resulting from COVID-19 containment measures. This presents a timely opportunity for removing fuel subsidies, in turn lowering the knock-on impact on citizens. The revenue gained from removing fuel subsidies could provide additional resources for governments to respond with immediate interventions to address...

    3 Aug 2020 | Joevas Asare, Mar Reguant, Moussa Saab, Camilla Sacchetto