Our research has big impact on economic policy and feeds directly into better decision-making to increase growth and reduce poverty. In 2020-21, 116 projects across our partner and engagement countries significantly impacted policy discussions and/or decisions. Of these projects, 31% were cases where a specific policy change or decision was made based on our research and engagement with policymakers. This encourages greater use of evidence in policy design. A small selection of our ‘ideas for growth’ and their impact are summarised here.

To design transformative policies, countries can’t simply import solutions from elsewhere. Sustainable growth is not achieved through one specific set of policies, but through many different policies working across sectors of the economy. New ideas may sometimes be needed, while in other instances countries can use existing evidence and apply it to their specific context.

What makes the IGC unique is our combined approach in seeking to:

  • Improve growth policy and strengthen policymaking in our partner countries,
  • Increase scientific knowledge of what drives growth in developing countries, and
  • Influence global policy thinking and the policies of international organisations and donors.

To measure our impact, we consider our effectiveness in influencing policy that ultimately increases growth and reduces poverty in developing countries. You can read more about how we bring researchers and policymakers together through our collaborative approach here.

Since our founding, several hundred of our projects have significantly impacted policy decisions. You can explore our full list of projects here.