IGC Zambia focuses on domestic resource mobilisation, public sector reform, industrialisation, urbanisation, and energy.



Since 2010, IGC Zambia has provided high-quality economic research to support sustainable economic growth in Zambia.

IGC’s research has mapped health facilities across Zambia, provide important insight into teacher allocation, estimated cost of unreliable electricity to firms, and using technology to improve tax collection. The work has covered all four themes of IGC: effective state, cities, energy and environment, and firms.

Since November 2021, the IGC and the Government of Zambia have agreed on a renewed partnership to support key economic policy priorities leading to the re-establishment of the country programme in 2022 after it was closed in 2019. The has led to an expansion of IGC’s work particularly in decentralisation, mining, and property taxation.

IGC collaborates closely with government partners, particularly the State House, Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, and the Zambia Revenue Authority to co-generate actionable research.