The IGC is contributing to policy in Mozambique mainly through its work on private sector development and state effectiveness.


IGC Mozambique Programme

Avenida Ahmed Sekou Toure N. 21, 5º Andar
Flat 55
Maputo, Mozambique


Officially established in October 2010, the IGC Mozambique Country Programme has been a constructive voice in the economic policy debate in Mozambique. The IGC Country Director, Claudio Frischtak, has been able to develop a strong relationship with a number of influential policymakers. The IGC has worked closely with Aiuba Cuereneia (Minister of Planning and Development), Ernesto Gove (Governor of the Bank of Mozambique), Armando Inroga (Minister of Industry), and Cadmiel Mutemba (Minister of Public Works and Housing). The Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) has been the IGC’s direct counterpart in Mozambique. These partners have all played a key role in the establishment of the IGC in the country.

IGC Mozambique’s research agenda has developed around three broad themes: private sector development, state effectiveness, and agricultural development. These research priorities have resulted from extensive consultation with several stakeholders in the country and are transversal to the broader IGC research mandate and priorities. Our two Lead Academics, Sandra Sequeira and Pedro Vicente, have been playing a key role on the specific developments of these research areas, namely by identifying specific research questions in coordination with Mozambican partners, by involving excellent academics, and by overseeing the design of appropriate research projects.

Our Mozambique Country Strategy Note is available here (Updated July 2021).